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Maine Sights CD
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The Maine Sights CD is something I have been working on for years as a commercial project but it has not happened yet. The pictures are just some I have taken as an amateur in my travels around the state. A lot of them are from places just off the beaten path where few people ever look. In the meantime, I am releasing the photos to geocachers in a limited number of caches on a mini CD with third party presentation software as a slide show / screen saver. This page addresses questions concerning this CD.

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  1. Where can I find a CD?
  2. How do I contact you if I want to comment about the CD?
  3. What do the images on the CD consist of?
  4. How many images are on the CD?
  5. What are the system requirements to run the software?
  6. What am I allowed to do with the CD?

Where can I find a CD?

These CDs are intended to be found only in caches, left either by myself or another geocacher that has decided to pass it on to another cache. Below is the currently known status of all CDs:

GC-001: 09-12-2002 Placed in my first cache, A mile from a halfmile!
09-23-2002 Picked up by AA1YB!
GC-002: 09-12-2002 Placed in my first cache, A mile from a halfmile!
09-14-2002 Picked up by Rabbit and Turtle!
01-24-2002 Rabbit and Turtle placed it in the Kiwanis Cache! (FL)
03-19-2002 Picked up by truch!
GC-003: 09-28-2002 Placed in The Sabattus Mtn. Chute!
3-29-2003 Picked up by Ye Olde Prospector!
4-28-2003 Ye Olde Prospector placed it in Morse Mountain!
05/18/2003 Picked up by jkraz!
GC-004: 09-29-2002 Placed in N1SDR's!
08-31-2003 Picked up by haffy6!
5/20/2004 haffy6 placed it in French's Mountain!
GC-005: 10-14-2002 Placed in  Patty's Mount Battie!
05-04-2003 Picked up by Natureboy1376!
GC-006: 10-25-2002 Placed in  China School Forest!
10-26-2002 Picked up by noreasta & his sister, who took it with her to Montana!
Given to sidewinder.
02-17-2002 sidewinder placed it in his THE ORIGINAL LOST creek cache!
05-04-2002 Picked up by nozlman36!
05-07-2003 nozlman36 placed it in the Happy Meal! (MT)
GC-007: 11/29/2002 Placed in Lead Mtn. Golden Cache!
12/08/2002 Picked up by maineguide!
GC-008: 11/30/2002 Placed in Ye Old Granite Quarry!
04/15/2003 Picked up by Team Teebow!
GC-009: 11/30/2002 Placed in Pettingill!
GC-010: 12/01/2002 Placed in Hinckley Park!
12/01/2002 Picked up by Sokokis!
GC-011: 12/09/2002 Placed in Little Round Top (aka The Joshua Cache)!
05/10/2003 Assumed MIA as cache turned up missing.
GC-012: 12/19/2002 Placed in my You Sank My Battleship!!
GC-013: 05/03/2003 Placed in Pretty Pond Parcel!
GC-014: 05/11/2003 Placed in Frick & Frack!
05/16/2003 Picked up by Waterboy!
GC-015: 05/11/2003 Placed in By the Piggery!
05/11/2003 Picked up by Team Teebow!
04/18/2005 Team Teebow! Placed it in "It's not the Allagash Cache...." !
05/01/2005 Picked up by TwoMaineiacs!
GC-016: 05/11/2003 Placed in Can D Ice cache!
GC-017: 05/31/2003 Placed in Dorr Steps!
05/31/2003 Picked up by parmachenee!
GC-018: 05/31/2003 Placed in LBC!
Picked up by philw & Wifey!
GC-019: 06/24/2003 Placed in Veazie Railroad Cache!
06/29/2003 Picked up by noreasta!
GC-020: 06/24/2003 Placed in Stream of the Dead!
07/29/2003 Picked up by Aefuss!
08/22/2003 Aefuss placed it in the Cascade Cache!
08/23/2003 Picked up by Tumpy Dog!
GC-021: 06/25/2003 Placed in Picnic by the Bay!
07/04/2003 Picked up by Macfriends!
GC-022: 06/25/2003 Placed in Gilbert School Cache!
07/19/2003 Picked up by egsg!
07/31/2003 egsg placed it in the Dinasaur (plastic toys)!
08/07/2003 Picked up by orange74thing!
GC-023: 06/25/2003 Placed in Jim's Puddle cache!
06/29/2003 Picked up by Ye Olde Prospector!
07-29-2003 Ye Olde Prospector placed it in the Fort McClary Cache!
07/30/2003 Picked up by BullSlayer!
GC-024: 06/29/2003 Placed in Winslow Waters Cache!
GC-025: 07/13/2003 Placed in Fuzzy Teeth Cache!
07/14/2003 Picked up by msteelee!
GC-026: 07/14/2003 Placed in Junction Function!
07/14/2003 Picked up by woodfam!
08-16-2003 woodfam placed it in the Cascade Cache!
08/19/2003 Picked up by RanMan22!
GC-027: 07/14/2003 Placed in A SHORT JAUNT TO THE GAUNT!
Picked up by Mac & Reg (Team Aegis)!
GC-028: 07/19/2003 Placed in Bremenite FiyaTowa!
08/09/2003 ?? Picked up by unknown ??
GC-029: 07/19/2003 Placed in Shell Game!
07/25/2003 Picked up by Macfriends!
GC-030: 07/19/2003 Placed in ONE, IF BY LAND!
08/03/2003 Picked up by Team Chucky Cheese!
GC-031: 07/20/2003 Placed in Trolly Line!
07/22/2003 Picked up by Ye Olde Prospector!
07/23/2003 Passed over to jambon!
08/04/2003 jambon placed it in the Ferry Road Hide-a-way!
08/16/2003 Picked up by forest_nymph!
08/04/2003 forest_nymph placed it in the Why am I here?!
08/16/2003 Picked up by Chris&Suzanne!
GC-032: 07/20/2003 Placed in Morse Mountain!
GC-033: 08/01/2003 Placed in Lewiston's Roof!
08/13/2003 Picked up by T-Fam!
GC-034: 08/06/2003 Placed in Best cache by a dam site!
08/13/2003 Picked up by Zeek!
GC-035: 08/16/2003 Placed in Marsh Stream Cache!
08/16/2003 Picked up by kb1aes!
GC-036: 08/16/2003 Placed in A Just Desert!
GC-037: 08/06/2003 Placed in You Sank My Battleship!!
GC-038: 08/16/2003 Placed in Bicentennial Park One!
GC-039: 08/16/2003 Handed over to Planet at the Bicentennial Nature Park BBQ!
GC-040: 08/16/2003 Handed over to Planet at the Bicentennial Nature Park BBQ!
GC-041: 09/20/2003 Placed in Sleestak Seastack!
10/02/2003 Picked up by Blackdog3832!
GC-042: 10/05/2003 Placed in Black Mountain Cache with a Cadillac View!
03/28/2004 Picked up by Sudonim!
GC-043: 10/13/2003 Placed in Halfmile!
GC-044: 10/14/2003 Placed in Blue Hill Mountain Cache!
GC-045: 10/25/2003 Placed in The Streak!
03/16/2004 Picked up by scsaw!
GC-046: 11/08/2003 Placed in You gotta see this!
Picked up by Bluegrass Gyrl!
GC-047: 11/30/2003 Placed in Oh my...look at the view!!
12/05/2003 Picked up by Ye Olde Prospector!


Ye Olde Prospector handed it to Doug26!


Placed in Superbowl Sunday Blitz Cache Event!
2/2/2004 Moved to the Superbowl Blitz Cache!
2/16/2002 Picked up by danosphere!
GC-049: 03/02/2004 Handed over to quietbert!
GC-050: 04/10/2004 Placed in Bronze and Stone! (NH)
05/02/2004 Picked up by ducky189!


Given to various cachers
GC-056: 04/23/2005 Handed to Neoncouple at Heads it's Beer, Tails it's Wings!!
GC-057: 04/30/2005 Placed in F-101B Voodoo!
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How do I contact you if I want to comment about the CD?

You can either email me via the web site from my profile page or you can log it in the feedback page on this site. 

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What do the images on the CD consist of?

The images are of various places I have come across throughout my travels in Maine. Some of the images are of popular places, but many are from lesser known areas. The majority of the images come from closer to Central Maine, I am hoping to have better statewide coverage as time goes on. The software is a basic third part slide show program which also allows installation of the slide show onto your PC as a screensaver.

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How many images are on the CD?

The number of images will increase as I take them, increasing with newer serial numbers:
GC-001 - GC-006 : 129 Images
GC-007 - GC-018 : 156 Images
GC-019 - GC-028 : 163 Images
GC-029 - GC-040 : 175 Images
GC-041 - GC-048 : 185 Images
GC-049 - GC-050 : 191 Images

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What are the system requirements to run the program?

Windows 95 or better PC
233MHz Pentium minimum, Pentium III or better reccomended.
16 Bit (High Color) or better video
Approximately 60 MB disk space for the screen saver
Note: The slide show will run directly off from the CD and requires no installation.

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What am I allowed to do with the CD?

You are allowed to keep the CD, Pass it on to another cache, or Install the screen saver to your own PC and then pass the CD on to another cache. The images are not intended to be used for any other purpose, if you wish to do so then feel free to contact me.

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I may be contacted through, user name brdad.

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