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In October of 2002 It became evident to a number of geocachers that there was a need for a logo that depicted geocaching in general as opposed to representing a person or group overseeing or profiting from geocaching. This new logo would be public domain so anyone could use it as-is or alter is any way they desired. The original discussion took place in this thread in the forums. My user name is brdad and I took on the original job of posting all the submitted designs so they would be accessible to all geocachers. My geocaching web page can be found at

After many very creative designs were submitted, it became apparent two designs were admired by the majority. The most popular one was created by Leatherman, often called the "GX", which is a simple design that can be written in the field and is easily recognized. Following very closely is the detailed logo designed by Gustaf, which could be used to make some nice coins or other fancy trademark items. Make sure to check out the Original Submissions page as well, there are lots of useable logos and ideas there suitable for geocaching web pages or designs for trademark items.

Leatherman Variant Gustaf Variant

NOTICE: All logo designs posted on this web page are released into the public domain and may be used or altered without restriction, except that by downloading and using any logo design, the user agrees not to assert any trademark rights in and to such logo design. By sending a logo design to this website, the creator of such logo releases any and all trademark and other intellectual property rights which he or she may have in such logo design.

The owner of this website has no knowledge that any logo design posted on this page is subject to any trademark or other claims by any person or entity. No representation or warranty is made, however, concerning the trademark status of any logo design. If you feel that any logo design infringes on any intellectual property rights which you lawfully own and have not released, contact me through, user name brdad

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